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Friday, September 27, 2013

Fear and Lonely in America

There is a constant dialog that flows through my head,
The words flow so eloquently and freely,
Yet when spoken or written,
Something is lost, an understanding.

I wish I could bridge the gap of thoughts to words
Or find someone who could help me. 

Everyone believes their own reality,
What happens when you find yourself alone?
With your thoughts in your own reality,
No one to share it with,
This reality makes sense to you,
You like it, why can’t someone else?
I find it funny that the masses will support and congregate
In a destructive reality

Rather than entertain the idea of something different.
We are taught that different is wrong.
These are some of the frustrations
Of my otherwise idyllic life,
Here are some others

It saddens me that as a nation, as a people, we have given in so willingly to FEAR,
It seems I am alone in my loathing of fear being used as a weapon against me,
I feel alone in my pursuit of viable conversation and exchanging ideas that may bring us to the next level.
I feel alone in a world complacent to being herded like sheep, shepherd by wolves.
I feel alone when I ask the question, “Why do we seek protection from the very ones that mean us harm”?

Why are we so afraid of even asking questions? Or dreaming new ideas, afraid to buck the system, even though you know it’s no good.
 So in the spirit of sharing I will share my thoughts (probably to no one)
I have a unique opportunity in life to have time to listen, to people from all around the USA and the world. Sometimes when I am listening to someone’s tale of woe, I forget that advice is not what they are seeking and when offered is usually taken as some sort of criticism, 

Then They start defend the tale of woe, as
 “That’s the way it is “
Through examples in my own life I try to offer a
“That may be true, but it doesn't have to be”
Again this is usually met with resistance,
So my rebuttal is
“Didn't you say you where unhappy with the situation?”
“Then let’s change it”
“I can’t, who am I”
Advice: Anyone who thinks they are too small to make a difference, has never had a pebble in there shoe.
When you are unhappy with a situation and you invite others to take Responsibility for you,
Don’t be surprised when they put their own interest in front of yours.
What are we so afraid of, why we would ask criminals to watch over us?
Criminals that trade us like commodities and why is it so hard to talk about.
What a crime it is to take a child from someone and expose them to the horrors of war,
Sacrificing mind body and spirit in the name of a better profit margin,
What a crime it is that when they do come back, shattered, all they have waiting for them is the knowledge that it was all for naught, all to fill someone’s pocket with gold.
What a crime it is to be in the business of War.

What a crime it is that WE should BEG those we employ to give us access to healthcare,
Healthcare that they do and will enjoy for the rest of their life, that we beg for a  minimum wage increase while they quietly vote themselves yet another raise.
What a crime it is to let this happen…….. In our name.

It seems people are convinced of the idea “well maybe the next guy will do better”
I don’t know, maybe I bought the hype, but I thought in America we fixed problems,
We didn't wait for the next guy; we didn't just let somebody run all over us, Patriotic meant going against the grain, bucking the system, so why do we vote the same method, elect the same clods over and over, why are we afraid if change? Why do we put up with such criminal behavior? What can we do?
Be a Pebble.

I offer my humble fantastical ideas for your amusement, but would love to hear other, just to let me know……. I’m not alone.

Tribe of 1
I like to share the idea of tribe of 1, tribe of 2, tribe of 3 etc etc etc…    
When you are alone, you decide what you are going to do and when, you are a tribe of 1 with 100% of the voting share on what you do, when you add someone a spouse, a partner an old friend along for a road trip, you are now a tribe of 2 with 50% voting power decisions are split, every time you add someone to your tribe ( think you, family, work, nation) the decision making gets more and more complicated, how can we honestly believe that we can elect someone pure of heart, stout of soul, to represent us…US! 

Think about it like this, you’re at your family reunion and it’s time to pick a restaurant for dinner and everybody has an opinion on it, so we elect a referee now, is the ref going to be able to please all, of course not, what’s he to do but listen to the most compelling argument, and in a society (Tribe) like ours that usually means the one with the best lobbyist "Cousin Bills buyin, where all goin to Wendy’s case closed” Are we really happy with this system, as a political tribe of 1 you vote is stronger, heard not squashed by some special interest.
Advice: when you give deciding privileges to one, for all, AND they are vulnerable to special interests, you have a weak system.
Horton hears a Tribe.
So how do the 99% of us get to be a pebble in some big shoes, how do we raise our tribe of 1 whisper into a mighty YOP! Loud enough to evict the Dinosaurs from Washington and real progress can happen.
We are currently in a state of paralysis from a steady diet of fear spooned to us through the media a media that has been corrupted and misused it’s power of influence  for decades, leaving in its wake a society of product consuming sheep, working jobs they hate so they can buy shit they don’t need. keeping profits high and costs low is the motto, media is the delivery system of the fear, fear of , am I good enough, am I rich enough, do people like me enough?
Reclaiming the power of the media is a good start towards freedom, Realizing the hypnotic power the media has over you is a good start, desiring to no longer live in fear, Fear is a good start, TV brings that fear into your home, into your sanctuary.
The media is not evil, just misused, it is run by business men, and business men care about profit and they need you to consume to generate profits. As a tribe of one this is again somewhere to be a pebble, if you don’t watch, or pay attention it takes their power away, not only will you find an abundance of time for living, you will breathe easier and lower stress, learn the difference from wanting something to needing something, cut up the credit card, become debt free BREAK the chains however you can, Go bankrupt if need be ( funny how they shame you when you do that yet it is  expected and encouraged in the business world) Live within your means and a fulfilling life awaits, Revolution, Awaits.

People have a lot of ideas of what that word means, is it a war, a new piece of technology or just a fad. In our consumption based society a fad is the quickest way to achieve “Mind Think” (a state of mind where a majority of us are on the same page)
the media knows the power of the “catch phrase” has been using that knowledge daily to influence buying trends, ideas and opinions. The ammunition they use against you was given to them, willingly, by you, the consumer. So this Harkins the classic question, Is the media Evil, again, only misused. Just as scientist understand response patterns in lab rats rest assured they know this about you, Know this. The media will always have the right to promote any influence the share holders agree on, I am not for censorship, I am for taking my mind back and deciding what I like and when I like it, I feel liberated, I am one less shill for them, I won’t succumb to their fear mongering, so in their pursuit for global corporate ownership of minds, I am a pebble in their shoe. if we don’t pay attention it takes their power... Simple being a pebble isn’t it?

It could happen

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ground hog day

"The more things change,
                   the more they stay the same"

Thumbing through history books,
as well as having numerous conversations with others who have an interest in history,
 I start to notice a pattern, it isn't long before you see it everywhere.

A pattern is a series of repetitions preformed,
    over and over and over
but it does eventually come to an end
                           as with anything there is a beginning a middle and an end.

  "We will never Live the next chapter of  our destiny,
                                            if we are constantly rereading the previous one"

what is it that makes us admire the idea of change, of something new,
yet fear it at the same time?

Example: you can follow history (not just the on this date this happend kind)
but the day to day mundane stuff, you will find many of the same arguments going on just with different phraseology. Literally for THOUSANDS of years the same shit has been pissing off Generation after generation.

                                   As Socrates said
                                                        " Oy Kids today"

So How do we wake up from this played out groundhog day scenario?

I think being self sufficient where you can is a big help.
It is harder to buy votes from citizens,
  when those citizens don't need what there offering.

this type of Government participates in activity's that I DO NOT approve off
Nobody asked me for any thing cept a vote, what I didn't realize that the vote I give is for someone else to rape and pillage at will, I can no longer sponsor these activity's.

As a Non shopper very little sales tax goes into the coffers in my name, as a low paid American worker the minimum amount goes to fed taxes and though we all think our taxes too high there are many things I am Happy to chip in for I like that I can get emergency response on decent roads and that my children have an opportunity to go to school. I don't like chipping in on war, bailouts and secret ANYTHINGS. I do like chipping in on Parks, health care and celebrations. are getting what I am saying.

Here's an Idea:
As the 99% , it seems we have forgotten that Majority rules
with today's technology why cant taxes be done in a way to that my likes would be how MY taxes are spent. If someone wants to chip in on a stealth Bomber then let them but let me have the peace of mind to know that I did not chip in on that.

If I can type a product,
 ONE time into a search engine, and  immediately be bombarded with ads for that type of product or another. I get coupons from the grocery store aimed at us personally from the data on our receipts.
why cannot this same technology determine how tax dollars are divide up?
Wouldn't you pay your taxes with a lighter heart if you where chipping in for the things that matter to you instead of pork buried deep in some corporate influenced budget? Hell I bet you wouldn't even mind a little tax hike every once in a while if you Knew the destination. I don't mind paying Taxes I just mind when the money is used for things I never want to be associated with.

A simple solution would be a flat tax on all salaries,
you make this much... you pay that much simple
taxes could be filed online in a manor where,
 we the citizens,
 we the 99%
determine the budget and direction our nation takes

If it turns out more Americans want bombs then parks
 then that's what we'll get,
but i have a feeling we want more parks.

What do you think?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

well I guess its that inescapable time when we pick a new fearless leader
who will surly have us all farting rainbows in their first glorious term.
Just like the last one.......

why would some of the most intelligent people
on this or any other known planet,
continue with a system that is clearly and blatantly
Now, I know that nobody likes to say they bet on the loser
nobody likes to say "We screwed up"
so why is it OK to make the same mistake year after year?
So I ask again,
 why would intelligent people
continue letting others make decisions in YOUR name
for their profits.
Decisions like
Segregating Laws
So, What can we do?
First things first

The way YOU live is perfect for you
If it isn't, then change it.

                       "Powerful people get power from those that they influence"

My wife and I have been removing the influence of corporate run government little by little
good news, it's easier then you think.
these are some of the things that work for us
and are in no way intended as a guide

Experiment 1
I used to be a NPR junkie, feeling intellectual for choosing such worthwhile content.
but I also went to the dark side , I also would listion to the Haters on Right wing radio, Micheal Savage and the likes,
sometimes feeling in need of a shower from all the mud slinging.
This diet of Talk radio caused stress in my life, to think,  getting upset about an argument going on thousands of miles away, with people you will NEVER meet about things that don't really effect ME,
that was it, I started to realize that IT DIDN'T REALLY EFFECT ME.
if so and so insulted so and so,
so what.
if R's and D"s want to fight,
let em.
as for us, we turned down the chatter of Washington till we could hear the birds,
found a town that's just right for us,
unplugged the TV
limited Internet Access
Result :
 less stress 
more time to enjoy life
and all the new friends we are meeting. 

Experiment 2:
We also lowered our desire for goods, we made do with what we had,we  made what we could. and NO credit cards.
we have grown Incredible gardens,and purchase ingredients, not prepared mystery dinner in a box 
and without the lure of commercials from TV and such
 we are not ever asked to buy things so we never even have to say no...
even to ourselves.

Result :
More money to spend on things like better quality food.
less stress
and a feeling of "Real"

Experiment 3:
Manifest destiny, we have had uncanny success with manifesting our desires into reality's,
 too many to list here
but rest assured we are in constant amazement with this part of our live.
we believe weather you project negativity or  positivity you will receive it in abundance.
we have also had great luck in dreaming things into reality,
our whole life together has been a series of what ifs and wows.

back to the subject at hand,
 if we can just stop the flow of Influence these entitys have over us,
and  create a system that returns power to the 99% that do the working, living and dieing in this country,
maybe we can reclaim this land
 for the people by the people.
I have been tossing out some ideas and would love to here the ideas of others.
who knows what the right idea is,
 but I can assure you, we all know that what we are doing isn't working
 so as inteligent people
can we please stop the insanity and have a real dialog about options,
what do YOU think?

Friday, February 17, 2012


So, my Ipo says to me today, " I wish there was a good barter system so we could get away from cash"
I thought about that today 
this is what I came up with,

                                                 " BARTER WORLD"
What If, ( and there may very well be) On online e-bay type  site devoted to the art of Barter.
You could put what you have to offer up for bid,
then you would receive points in return upon sale
these points could be used to buy merchandise and services that you need.
shipping could be handled by a network of drivers going that way.
Drivers receive points by how much of the distance they cover all monitored by GPS.

I know that this only replaces money with points
but it also puts us in charge of what something is worth
                                               it would also be a great way to resource used items,

Distribution could be done by the millions of Vehicles
employing the thousands
traveling our roads at any one time,
and it would lessen our dependence on government issued paper.
maybe this is already available
If not,
why not?
What do you think?

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I want to go to the Doctor. Simple I WANT TO GO TO THE DOCTOR! oh by the way I don't have insurance, and Its kinda tight this month, just like last month and probably next month. I DO HAVE a job, thank you very much. I pay my Taxes to one of the richest nations in the world and I don't qualify for assistance,
So, How can I go to the Doctor?
                              "A ruling class that NEVER has to worry about health care, Doesn't."

Heres ONE Idea,
Congress has no idea what the "99%" go through on a daily basis and the disistions we have to make because we are as described above,
Unaffordable or No insurance available to us,
and make to much for assistance
yet not enough to make a difference.

you have one side that wants to go to THEIR private Doctors
the other just wants to go to the Doctor guilt free

So here's a thought,
Lets create another branch to the Military
this branch is to provide medical attention to those who cannot afford it.
bases (Hospitals) would be open to ALL who Dwell in this land.
revitelizing low income areas with much needed support.
Not only does this help those in need, 
It creates jobs,
provides training ,
creates a better image of what a military branch can be,
OK OK I know the ruling 1% will never go to some mash unit down on THAT side of town.
they will still get to go to their ivy league school Dr's as well as the Great doctors that would be coming out of this new NON combat medical branch.
After completing a tour if you will (10yrs?) they have the option to stay or go out into the private sector.
private sector Doctors will be more in line with the type of resort Hospitals that are emerging in other parts of the world to Great success.

Insurance will still be a benefit offered to those with Careers giving them the elite status they need and allowing the rest of us in some service industry job to go to a doctor,
because that is all we really want.
Pharmaceutical company's that do not offer lowest passable pricing to this branch will be barred from all involvement of the branch.
 99%  is US 
what do you think they will do?
so, this is what we got
A Military  branch that is non combat and
able to train new  recruits for positions in ALL facets of Health care.

A second tier health care system for those who want the upgrade to private practice

Pharmaceutical company's forced to price their products fairly

I don't know........ What do you think?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Occupy T.V.

It seems to some, that I point out whats wrong with out offering any ideas to change things,
 ok here's one.
                                                                  The 99%
                                               the " one for America" show

How does one Occupy T.V.?
Well first we need a Channel,
 much like  Current TV, F.S.T.V or Colors, this channel will be
By the people for the people, but instead the knowledge dolled out  on these other channels
Occupy T.V. will feed the masses with  the sugary treats they crave but without the guilt.
 Wealthy Philanthropist wanting to make a solid invest meant into America, apply here.
the sugary treat comes in the tried and true realm of Reality T.V.
 Imagine a talent show that Any one, any age and any talent  can audition for
with your Various,
Audition shows
Group cut shows
Big show with the final countdown to a finalist being picked show
I know, I know, like every other show,
but here's the Kicker,
are ready for this,
 " One for America" Is a NON PROFIT!
Now Lucy lehme splain....

after production costs, profits are to be distributed among various Charity's and public programs.
Who chooses who gets the money you ask,
You do.

follow me a bit further if you will,
as well as TV we have a social online network where fans can research profiles of potential recipients of donations. By liking something they are casting a vote for a particular program to receive a percentage of the profits.
"one for America" is designed to be an on going Ever changing Talent search TV show, as well as a consistently evolving Fund raising stage show, always on tour.
Audition show:
*must perform some type of local public service to audition
 any age, any talent, any where. that's the show that's it . as an ongoing show the audition team scourers the country recruiting new talent for up coming competitions.

Group cut shows:
high drama
who stays who goes

big show:
Higher drama
we count down to a finalist
who moves on to REPLACE some on on the current touring show.

This type of programing can generate a huge fan base increasing revenue through advertising, merchandising endorsements and more all going into the coffers and divided amongst the online program.
are you starting to see?
give em what they want,
 let em do the right thing,
everybody feels good,
and it is a wind fall for American Charity's and other programs

The tour:
winners from the big show join the tour, with one previous winner being eliminated
towns or city's that want to host the show, must donate the space and all local fees
in exchange, the municapality Receives the post production profits. Hosting a "One for America" show could be a nice cash cow for any community.

 so what we are talking about is,
 beating them at their own game
 Occupying their temples
and giving the treasure back to the people.
that's one idea...... got  any more?